What Is Roku Error Code 011?

The Roku error code 011 means that the Roku device has lost connection with the Roku update server. This might be due to multiple reasons, which include Roku server maintenance, software update error, network error, etc. Users typically see this error when they are trying to update Roku software. While updating Roku software is recommended by the manufacturer, these errors are not uncommon. The guidelines to solve Roku error code 011 is given below.

How to Solve the Roku Error Code 011?

  • If you see the Roku error code 011 when installing Roku for the first time, it is caused by an update that failed to install. The workaround for this error is to wait for a while, check network connections, and install it by choosing the Try Again option.
  • Go to Roku’s support site and check whether there are any updates about the server issues. If there are updates, you can wait until they are resolved before attempting to connect the Roku device.
  • Check the top section of the display for any error messages displayed by Roku. If there is a ‘Not Connected’ error message on the top, it means that Roku has lost connection with the network. To solve this, set your internet connection right and try connecting Roku.
  • If there is a network issue related to home network connection, a message will be displayed, and the steps required to solve the Roku Error Code 011 issue will also be shown. You can follow these steps to resolve the home network connection issue and connect Roku to the network.