What Is Roku Tv Error Code 014.11?

The Roku TV Error Code 014 11 indicates that Roku TV is not able to connect with the local network. As soon as the 014.11 error message is displayed on the screen, try to reboot your router. After the reboot process, if this issue continues, then try to perform other troubleshooting methods instructed by the experts.

How To Connect the Roku TV To Your Wi-Fi Network?

  • To connect the Roku TV to your wireless or Wi-Fi network, perform the procedures given below.
  • Turn on your Roku TV to begin the process.
  • Tap the Home button and select the Settings option from the menu list.
  • Tap the Network option in the Settings section.
  • Select the Wireless option in the Setup connection section.
  • Now the Roku TV will search or look for the available networks within its range.
  • After the search process, a list of available wireless networks will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose your wireless network from the list.
  • If your wireless network is not displayed on the search result screen, then tap the Scan button.
  • After selecting the wireless network, you have to enter your Network key on the Wireless screen.
  • Tap the Connect button. If the wireless connection process is done successfully, then a confirmation message will display on the Roku TV screen.
  • Now the Roku TV Error Code 014 11 will automatically search for the available software updates.
  • Download and install the latest version software.
  • After finishing the setup process, enjoy watching your favorite shows wirelessly.