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Roku Stick Problems

The Roku Stick might sometimes face issues which have to be rectified. The applications that you have installed on your Roku stick will also cause issues at times. Solve the Roku Stick Problems errors with the help of the instructions that are specified below


  • If the Roku stick is facing problems with the Netflix app, then follow the guidelines stated below
  • Check if you have subscribed to the Netflix app. If your subscription has ended, then you will not be able to stream videos. 
  • Log into your account and check the subscription details. Choose a new subscription plan and pay for it if the subscription is over.
  • Uninstall the Netflix app from the Roku stick and install it after a few minutes from the Roku Channel Store
  • Make sure that you have not connected devices more than the maximum limit.
  • Log out of one or two devices and then try streaming it on your Roku Stick.
  • Get assistance from our technical team if you are not able to rectify the Roku Stick Problems.


  • Check your connection in the first step. To do so, navigate to Roku Stick Settings and choose the Network option. 
  • Click the Check Connection option and wait till the checking process is over. Perform troubleshooting based on the test results. 
  • Ensure that you have connected the Roku Stick to the correct network. 
  • Check if you have entered the correct wireless password. Entering the wrong password will not let you connect to the network successfully. 
  • Verify if the router is working properly. Remove any interference that is present in front of the router. This will improve the strength of the signal. 
  • Next, restart the Roku Stick using the following procedure. Select the System option from the Settings menu. 
  • Select the System Restart option and check if the Roku Stick Problems persists after the device turns on. 


Roku Stick Connection Problems

If you experience Roku Stick connection problems, you can follow these guidelines to resolve them.

  • Check whether you are able to stream content on your Roku player. If you cannot stream content but were able to do so a while ago, you need to check the current network connection status.
  • Connect your smart device to the Wi-Fi SSID to which the Roku device is connected and check whether a working internet connection is established.
  • If not, set the network connection right and then try using the Roku device.
  • If you are using a wired(Ethernet/Optic cable) network connection to connect the Roku device and the network device, check whether the cable is in a working condition or faulty.
  • Replacement of the defective network cable can solve the Roku Stick connection problems.
  • Power off the Roku device by going to Settings --> System --> System Restart.
  • Check whether the Roku device is able to connect to the network connection.
  • If there is no restart option, unplug the Roku device from the power supply and reattach the cable after a while.
  • If the Roku device still does not connect to the network, contact our tech support team for technical assistance.

Roku Stick Audio Problems

If you face audio problems on a Roku stick, follow these guidelines to fix them.

  • When using a Roku stick that is not connected to a soundbar or an audio/video receiver, perform these steps.
  • Check whether the MUTE option is off on your TV. Also, check whether the audio level is set to a value that is not too low.
  • When you use a composite cable, ensure that the cable connectors are attached correctly at both ends.
  • Change the audio input channel on your TV and check whether this resolves the audio issue. If it does, it means that there is something wrong with the previously set input channel.
  • If the Roku player is connected to a soundbar or another similar device, follow these steps to troubleshoot the audio issue.
  • Check whether you have set the right input channel on your soundbar.
  • Ensure that the Mute option is turned off on both the TV and the soundbar. Also, check whether the audio volume has been set to an audible value on both the devices.
  • Change the audio input channel on your soundbar and check whether this solves the audio issue. If it does, it means that there is an issue with the previously set audio input channel.
  • If your Roku device has been connected to the soundbar via an optical cable, follow these steps to resolve the audio issue.
  • Set the HDMI & S/PDIF to Dolby D on your Roku device. Press Home on your Roku device’s remote controller and then choose Settings-->Audio-->set HDMI & S/PDIF to Dolby Digital.
  • If there is an audio issue with streaming content that has surround sound, it is possible that your soundbar does not support it. To resolve this issue, follow these steps.
  • Touch the ‘Home’ button on your Roku remote and then select Settings --> Audio --> Audio mode --> Stereo. From the HDMI option list, choose PCM-Stereo.

Roku Stick Remote Problems

If you encounter issues when using the Roku remote, you can follow these guidelines to resolve them.

  • The first solution for the Roku stick remote problem is to take the batteries out and insert them back in ensuring that they are positioned correctly.
  • If the batteries have run out of charge, replace them, and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Check whether your Roku stick remote has a pairing remote beside the battery compartment.Detach the battery compartment cover and look for the pairing button on the bottom.
  • Press and hold this button for about five seconds. After nearly 10 seconds, the LED stops flashing.
  • Check whether the Roku Stick Problems is resolved.
  • Try pairing another Roku remote with your Roku stick and check whether this resolves the issue.
  • Go to the Roku device’s Settings option-->Remotes & devices --> Pair new device-->Remote-->Navigate to the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Now, load the batteries into the new Roku remote and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds. The Roku device and the remote should be paired automatically.
  • If it gets paired, it means that there is something wrong with your old Roku remote.