Roku Error Code P700

The Roku error code P700 appears on Roku devices when there is an issue with internet connectivity. This error is caused by an isolated issue which can be solved by following the guidelines mentioned below.

TCL Roku TV Spectrum Roku Error Code P700

  • To resolve the TCL Roku Spectrum error code P700, turn off the modem, router, and the Roku device.
  • This issue should be resolved automatically since it originates at the server end. However, you can try performing the step mentioned above to solve it.
  • If it still doesn’t get resolved, go to the Channel store on your Roku TV and uninstall the Spectrum channel.
  • Power off your Roku device and wait for a few minutes before turning it back on. Power on the Roku device and wait until it initializes. Go to the channel store and install the Spectrum channel.
  • This should solve the error code p700 on your Roku device. If it doesn’t, contact Roku’s technical support team.