Netflix Error Code nw 1-19

Netflix Error Code nw 1-19 represents the network connectivity issue between the device and the Netflix app. Follow the troubleshooting methods given here to get rid of the connectivity issue.

Error Code nw 1-19 Netflix

  • Exit the Netflix app and restart the device.
  • Launch the app on your device and perform the following steps.
  • Using your remote, tap the Up button twice.
  • Press the Down button twice and then tap the Right and Left button two times alternatively.
  • Next, you have to press the Up button 5 times to launch the System Information screen.
  • Choose the Deactivate option to remove the device from the Netflix app and restart it.
  • Launch the Netflix app and log into it to check if the issue has been resolved.
  • The next solution is to modify the DNS Server Settings manually.
  • Tap the Power button on your remote and choose the Setup option.
  • Select the Network Settings menu from the Player Settings menu.
  • Next, tap the IP Address/DNS Settings option followed by the Auto DNS Configuration option.
  • Disable it and access Primary DNS. Key in Specify the Secondary DNS as
  • Make use of the Save option to save the modified DNS settings.
  • Disconnect the device from the power supply and connect it again after a few minutes to verify if the Error Code nw 1-19 Netflix has been sorted out.

netflix error nw 1-19 xbox 360

  • First, try to check your network connection.
  • To test the internet connection, go to Main Menu, and select the System Settings option.
  • Choose the Network Settings option, select the Wired Network or Wireless Network option as per your requirement.
  • Choose the Test Xbox LIVE Connection option and then select Continue.

If you do not have any issues with the internet connection, proceed with the following steps to resolve the Netflix error code NW 1-19 on your Xbox One.

  • You need to check and confirm the DNS settings of your Xbox One.
  • Go to Settings  System Settings Network Settings, select your network, and then choose the Configure Network option.
  • Choose the DNS Settings option and then select Automatic.
  • After checking the DNS settings of your Xbox One, turn it off.
  • After a few minutes, turn on your Xbox One.
  • If the problem persists, disconnect the power cable from both the modem and your router, and then reconnect it.
  • After restarting your network, turn on your Xbox One, and then use the Netflix app.
  • If you are not able to resolve the Error Code nw 1-19 Netflix on your Xbox One, directly connect the game console to your modem without using the wireless router. 

xbox Error Code nw 1-19 Netflix

Follow the steps below to fix the Xbox Netflix error code NW 1-19.

  • Make sure your network supports the Netflix streaming service.
  • You need to have a fast network connection.
  • Check both the internet connection and the DNS settings of your Xbox One.
  • Detach the power cable from the modem and the router. Then, re-plug it after a few minutes to reset the home network.
  • If the error code NW 1-19 persists, do not use a wireless router to establish a connection. Instead, connect to the modem directly.


  • First, restart your Samsung TV to resolve this network connectivity issue.
  • If you have connected the TV to the router via an Ethernet cable, then check if you have attached the cable firmly.
  • In case of a wireless connection, verify if you have connected your Samsung TV to the correct wireless network.
  • Also, check if you have entered the correct wireless password.
  • Uninstall the Netflix from your Samsung TV and install it after a few minutes to sort out this error.
  • Access the Menu of your TV and select the Support option.
  • Tap the Software Update option and check if your Samsung TV is running on the current version.
  • Go to Menu again and choose the SmartHub option from the list.
  • Select the SmartHub Reset option. Enter the correct PIN to begin the reset process.
  • Examine if you have subscribed to the correct streaming plan. Check if you have to renew the subscription package.
  • Next, check if there is any update for the Netflix app. If so, download and install it.
  • Finally, log out of Netflix and sign in after a few minutes to resolve the Netflix Error Code nw 1-19.


Error Code nw 1-19 Netflix SMART TV

  • If you have connected your Smart TV to a public Wi-Fi network, then the administrator has given permissions for the app to stream.
  • If not, you cannot stream Netflix when connected to that network.
  • Check if you are connected properly to the Internet. Reconnect if required.
  • Disconnect the Smart TV from the power source. Press the Power button of the TV and hold it for at least a minute.
  • Attach the power cord to the Smart TV and the electrical outlet. Switch on your Smart TV and try streaming videos on Netflix.
  • Next, you have to connect the TV directly to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Check if the router has any interference in delivering a strong signal. If there are any objects near the router, then remove them to avoid interference.
  • Place the router near the Smart TV to obtain a strong signal.
  • Get the help of the technical experts if you want any further assistance on this Netflix Error Code nw 1-19 issue.