How to use Roku Stick?

Roku Streaming Stick is similar to streaming devices. The main difference between the Roku Stick and other Roku Streaming devices is that the latter is used as a set-top box while the Stick contains a USB port which can be inserted directly into the slot. When you turn on the television, the Stick turns ON automatically. Follow below steps for How to use Roku Stick.

Use Roku Stick on TV

  • Take the Roku Streaming Stick out of the box.
  • The Roku device has a USB terminal.
  • Insert the device into the unused HDMI port of the television.
  • Power on the television.
  • Put the batteries into their slots.
  • Go through the instructions mentioned on the screen to connect the Streaming Stick into the Wi-Fi network.
  • Generate a Roku account.
  • Wait until the account is created.
  • Do the necessary Roku Settings on the television.
  • Include the channels that you wish to watch.
  • After the setup is complete, watch movies or television by using the remote or the Roku app.


Use Roku Stick without Wi-Fi

You can utilize the screen mirroring feature to use your Roku Streaming Stick without an Internet connection. Continue with the guidelines that are listed below for How to use Roku Stick without Wi-Fi.

  • Make sure to update your Roku device to its latest version.
  • You can upgrade the device by navigating to the Settings tab and then choosing the System Update option.
  • From the Settings window, scroll to the Screen Mirroring option in the left pane and then select the Screen Mirroring button.
  • A small pop-up window will open after the Screen Mirroring feature is enabled.
  • Locate the name of your network on your mobile device and then enable the same.
  • After you have done this, a Wi-Fi logo will display on top of the screen.
  • Now, switch to the Settings window on your smartphone and then go to the More Settings tab.


  • Once you tap the Mirror Settings button, a list of wireless options gets displayed on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the Enable Wireless Display option and then begin the connection process by pressing the Cast Screen button.
  • Now your Roku screen will get displayed on your mobile phone.
  • To initiate the screen mirroring process on your Windows personal computer, go to Settings and then click on the PC and Devices option.
  • From the drop-down list box, choose the name of your Roku Streaming Stick to add it.
  • Now the Roku device will appear on your computer screen.


how to use Roku streaming stick without remote

To use the Roku streaming stick without the remote, install the Roku mobile application. The instructions on How to use Roku Stick using the Roku mobile app are as follows.

  • Roku mobile is an app that is available for free in the App Store on both the Android and Apple devices.
  • The application turns your mobile phone into a control center for controlling the Roku Streaming Stick.
  • First, make sure that your Android or Apple device is compatible with the Roku Streaming Stick and the Roku mobile application.
  • Go to either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store on your smartphone and then type Roku in the search bar.
  • Tap the Install button for downloading the Roku mobile application.
  • Confirm that the mobile phone and the Roku device are linked over the same Wireless Fidelity network.
  • Locate and then touch the icon of the Roku mobile app to open it. Find your Roku streaming stick using the application.
  • Now, pair your Roku device and the Apple or Android phone.


You can connect your Roku Stick to your computer monitor using a third party software called Plex. You need to download the application on your monitor to start using it. Follow Below Steps for How to use Roku Stick on Computer Monitor.

  • Launch your preferred search engine and download the Plex application from a trusted site.
  • Make sure you are downloading the application that suits your OS.
  • After downloading it, you need to log into your Roku account on your computer.
  • Enter the login credentials of your Roku account and subscribe to the Plex channel to add it to your account.
  • Now, turn on your TV and the Roku box.
  • Once the TV is turned on, visit the Channel Store and scroll to locate the Plex channel.
  • The Plex channel should be listed under the Free Channel segment. Subscribe to it.
  • Make sure your computer and the Roku box are using the same network.
  • Your Roku box and the computer are now connected via Plex media server.
  • Start streaming movies and other videos from the display content.


To start using the Roku Streaming Stick 2016, after completing the hardware set up, you need to pair the remote to your device, establish a network connection, and complete the guided set up.

  • To pair the remote, insert the batteries into their respective slots. With the Roku player turned on, hold the remote close to the device and the remote gets paired automatically.
  • The prompts on the TV screen will help you to complete the software setup.
  • When prompted, specify the type of connection. In case of wireless connection, make sure you enter the correct SSID and password of your network.
  • Use the navigation keys and the on-screen keyboard to make & enter a selection.


  • Make sure you get the latest version of the software and set the video output resolution.
  • During the setup, create your Roku account and link it with your Roku player using the unique code generated by the Roku player.
  • Continue using the remote to access channel, play games, or stream music, videos & movies.
  • Once the devices pair, you can start using your mobile device as a remote for your Roku device.



How to use Roku Stick Screen mirroring? the Roku streaming stick screem mirroring with an Android phone or Windows is very simple if the steps given below are followed.


  • The first step is to enable the screen mirroring option in the Roku device.
  • Go to the Settings option and select the System option.
  • Choose About and then Enable Screen Mirroring option under it.
  • The next step is to unlock your phone and navigate to Settings.
  • Under Settings, the screen mirroring feature will be available.
  • Based on the brand of Android phone you have, the term used for screen mirroring will differ.

A few of those terms are listed below:

  • Smart View
  • Quick Connect
  • SmartShare
  • AllShare Cast
  • Wireless Display
  • Display Mirroring
  • HTC Connect
  • Screen Casting
  • Cast

Enable the mirroring option and select your Roku device from the list of devices displayed. Select any video to watch, and it will be played on your Roku device.

Solution for How Do I screen mirror on iPhone 6 to Roku?

  • Initially, launch the Action Center on your Windows computer.
  • Choose the Connect option once the window opens.
  • After a few seconds, the list of devices available for establishing the connection will be displayed on your screen. l
  • From the list, select the Roku device and make use of the prompts displayed on the screen to connect the devices successfully.
  • Choose a video or photo to be viewed, and it will play on the TV screen. We hope that you got a complete steps for How to use Roku Stick Screen Mirroring.