Are there DVD Players that Stream Netflix?

The top three DVD players that support Netflix are Sony BDP-BX320, Panasonic DMP-BDT220, and LG BP330. follow the below steps and get the complete solution for are there dvd players that stream netflix.

Sony BDP-BX320:

The Sony BDP-BX320 DVD player is the best seller on eBay. This DVD player is available for low cost when compared to other players. The main features of this DVD players are Super good Wi-Fi connection, it can play DVDs and Blu-ray movies easily and smoothly.

Panasonic DMP_BDT220:

This DVD player stands second to the Sony DVD player as per CNET. In this DVD player, you can find a simple user interface built with straight navigations. In this DVD player, you can also find the Instant Netflix Streaming and Wi-Fi capable features.

The LG BP330:

In the LG BP330 DVD player you can access online services such as Netflix. You can stream instant Netflix videos and more in the LG BP330 DVD player. It also has an Up-scaling feature that helps you to get a high-quality picture.



How to Connect with Netflix?

  • Make sure to turn off the DVD player while setting it up.
  • Get a Network cable from a trusted retail store.
  • Using the Network cable, connect the router and the DVD player.
  • Now, power on your TV and look for Blu-ray player.
  • Switch on the DVD player and press the Home button.
  • Choose the Internet video option.
  • Press the Setup icon followed by Network Settings.
  • Press the Enter button to confirm the same.
  • Choose the Internet Settings option.
  • Select the Setup option from the list of options displayed and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now your DVD player is connected to Netflix successfully.

How to Watch Netflix on LG Blue-Ray Player?

After knowing are there dvd players that stream netflix, Follow the guidelines below to watch Netflix on LG Blue-Ray player.

  • Power up the LG Blu-Ray player and then connect it to the internet wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable.
  • Tap the Home button on the remote.
  • Use your LG Blue-Ray Player remote to change the settings.
  • Click the Home button and then select the Premium icon on the display screen.
  • Press Movie icon and click Enter on the remote.
  • Choose Netflix app and tap Enter on the remote.
  • The Netflix app will load on your LG Blue-Ray player.
  • After loading, choose Activate Instant Streaming from Netflix.
  • Copy the activation code displayed on the screen.
  • Enter the activation code on your LG Blue-Ray player and select Activate.
  • Now you can use the account to watch Netflix.

Blu Ray DVD Player That Streams Netflix (Top Any 3)

Blu Ray DVD Player that streams netflix such as the Sony BDP-S3700, LG BP175, and the Samsung BD-J5700/ZA

How to Connect with Netflix?

Are there DVD Players that Stream Netflix? Follow these guidelines to stream Netflix on your Blu Ray player.

  • Launch the default web browser on your personal computer and go to Netflix’s official site.
  • Log into your Netflix account and then return to the main page. Locate the Netflix Ready Devices page and choose the Blu Ray Players option. The page now displays a list of all the compatible Blu Ray players.
  • Scroll through the list and find your Blu Ray player. Multiple compatible Blu Ray players are listed here including but not limited to Toshiba Blu Ray players, Panasonic Networking Blu Ray player, Sony Network Blu Ray disc player, and Insignia Connected Blu Ray player. Click on your Blu Ray player after finding it on the list.
  • Now, choose the Start Your Free trial option. You can renew the trial plan and convert it into a paid membership if required when it expires.
  • You will have to key in your active email address, Netflix password, etc., on this screen. Then, another screen will be displayed.
  • Proceed to key in your first name, last name, company, state, zip code, phone number, etc. After these details are entered, there will be a new screen.
  • This screen contains the payment fields. Enter your credit card, Paypal information, or any other form of payment that is displayed on the screen. Then, click on Start Membership.
  • You will receive a Netflix membership confirmation email in your inbox. There will be another message with the Netflix activation code.
  • Make a note of the activation code as it will be required when you connect your Blu ray player to Netflix. Now, go to the Blu Ray player and turn it on.
  • After your Blu ray player initializes, navigate to the Blu Ray player’s menu to select the Netflix icon.
  • You will be prompted to enter your ‘Netflix’ activation code at this stage. After you enter the code, it takes a few moments for the Blu Ray player to connect to Netflix.
  • Wait until you see the ‘Netflix Blu Ray player connection established’ message. Finally, go to the Netflix icon on your Blu Ray player’s menu and start streaming your content.

How to Stream Netflix on a Sony Blu-Ray Player?

Are there DVD Players that Stream Netflix? Follow the steps below to connect Sony Blue-Ray player to a Wired Network.

  • Make sure that the Sony Blue-Ray player is turned off.
  • Plug one end of the network cable to a LAN and the other end into the router.
  • Switch on the TV, and choose the input connection as HDMI.
  • Turn on the Sony Blue-Ray player and then tap the Home button on the remote.
  • Go to the Internet video section and use the arrow key on the remote to select the Setup icon.
  • Go to the Internet Settings menu, select Network Settings, and choose Wired Setup.
  • Follow the instructions to connect Sony Blue-Ray player to a Wireless Network and watch Netflix on it.
  • Plug the USB wireless adapter into any USB port.
  • Power on Sony Blue-Ray player. Click the Home button on the remote.
  • Use the arrow mark on the remote to choose Setup.
  • Go to Internet Settings and then select Wireless Settings.
  • Make sure that the WPS is enabled on your router.


  • Now, select Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • To configure your connection manually, select Manual Registration.
  • Choose the security mode after selecting a router from the list.
  • To configure the IP address and proxy server settings, click Auto.
  • To manually configure the IP address and proxy server settings, press Custom.
  • Turn on the TV as well as the Sony Blue-Ray player.
  • Select Home on the remote. Using the arrow buttons, navigate through the options and choose Activate Enhanced Features.
  • The registration code will appear. Copy this registration for validation.
  • Open the Sony Essential website link on the computer and paste the code to validate your account.
  • Create a new account. Press the Home button, and use the arrow button to select the Netflix app.
  • Go to Activate a Device, and enter a code, and then select Activate.
  • Now, select the movie which you wish to watch and press Play.


  • Check the Wi-Fi signal of your router. If it is low, then position the device near the router. Also, check if there is any interference between the router and the TV. If so, remove it.
  • Verify if there are any other devices that are connected to the router. Remove them and check if the blu ray dvd player that streams netflix issue persists.
  • Check for any updates available for your Samsung device. Install the update and try streaming again.
  • Restart the Samsung device and check if the error is solved.
  • Stop any downloads that are currently running on your computer and then stream videos.

How To Fix Netflix Streaming Problems Apple Tv

  • First, check if your Internet connection is fast enough to stream the videos from Netflix.
  • Restart your wireless router. The next step is to restart the Netflix app.
  • Tap the Gear icon available on the home screen of the app. Go to Settings and select the Reload Netflix option.
  • Turn off the Sony Player and switch it on again. Use a different device to stream the video to your Sony player.


  • The first solution is to restart the modem and router. Once you reboot, play any video from Netflix.
  • Next, try changing your Wi-Fi password. After changing, you have to add the network as a new network.
  • Check if your Sony device is connected properly to the network. Disconnect it from the device and reconnect it after a few seconds.
  • Check if the problem is with the router. Contact your ISP to know if there are any issues from their side.
  • Examine if the server is down for maintenance or other purposes. If so, then you have to wait till the server starts working again.
  • Try refreshing the Internet connection by navigating to the Settings menu on your TV.
  • Choose the Network Setup option and select the Refresh Internet Content option.
  • Reset the TV by disconnecting it from the power supply. Wait for a few seconds and then associate it again. Check if the blu ray dvd player that streams netflix issue has been resolved. Contact us to get guidance for are there dvd players that stream netflix and for streaming.