Sony Netflix problems

The Sony TV may encounter Netflix issues like black screen, no sound, Netflix stopped working, no picture or bad image and low video quality while watching, error code messages, etc. Some of the common Netflix issues and the solution for fixing them are given on this site.

Netflix sony tv problems

Netflix Sony TV can encounter problems like Netflix cannot be accessed, or error messages like ‘sorry we could not reach Netflix service. Sometimes it might show you N and a spinning circle under it, but there is no error message. For fixing these issues, just reboot the TV by holding the TVs remote for 7 minutes, and you can also update the TV. 

Problems Streaming Netflix On Sony Blu Ray

To troubleshoot the Netflix streaming problems on your Sony Blu Ray device, perform the procedures given below.

  • Try to restart your TV, modem and the router.
  • Check if the issue persists. If so, reset your wireless network.
  • Before resetting your wireless network, change its password.
  • Create a new strong password and add it as a new network to your device.
  • Check and make sure that your wireless network is strong and stable.
  • Log out from your Netflix account and log in later.
  • Check any pending updates available for your Netflix account and install them.
  • Check and make sure that your Netflix account is active.
  • Remove and reinstall the Netflix app on your TV.
  • If the issue persists, then contact the Sony Blu Ray or Netflix technical support.

Sony Netflix Streaming Problems

To fix the Netflix Streaming issue on your Sony device, follow the instructions given below.

  • Try to restart your Sony TV. Do as per the instructions given below to perform the same.
  • Take your Sony TV remote on your hand, press & hold the Power button on it.
  • Continue the process for 5 seconds or until the Power off message appears on the TV screen.
  • Wait for the Sony TV to reboot. After the reboot, the TV will turn On. Now your Sony TV reset process is done.
  • Check if the streaming issue is resolved. If not, restart your router.
  • Unplug your router from the power sources for at least 60 seconds.
  • After that, plug in the power cable and turn on your router.
  • Check if the issue is resolved. If not, then restart your modem. To reset your modem, perform the same router reset procedure as above.
  • If the issue persists, then check your Wi-Fi router location. Place the Wi-Fi modem near your Sony TV.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, then contact the Netflix or Sony technical support to resolve the problem.

Sony BDP S3100 Netflix Problems

Follow the guidelines to troubleshoot the Sony BDP S3100 Netflix issues and resolve them easily.

  • If there is a sync issue with the audio and video, you need to restart the video stream to fix it. This issue is caused by skipping to a certain timestamp or fast-forwarding the video. To restart the video stream, touch the Options button on your remote and then choose Restart.
  • If there is no sound from the content you are streaming on Netflix, check whether the content has an audio track. This is because some content on Netflix may not have an audio track.
  • If the content has an audio track, but there is no audio, follow these steps. Tap the Home/Menu button on your remote and then choose SettingsScreen SettingsHDMI Deep Color OutputOff If you can’t hear sound when an HDMI cable is connected to the A/V receiver on which Netflix is being streamed, it means that the A/V receiver in use does not support DTS and Dolby Digital sound. To fix this issue, navigate to the Blu-ray Disc player’s settings screen. Choose Audio Settingschange Audio(HDMI) to Audio(PCM).
  • If there was sound before, but after changing the streaming audio setting to 5.1 Surround, there is no sound, follow these steps. Navigate to the title screen of the content being streamed and choose Audio & SubtitlesStereo.
  • If there is no sound after updating the Android TV on which Netflix is being streamed, follow these steps to fix the issue. Check whether there is any cable connected to the Audio out/Headphone jack of the Android TV and remove it.
  • You also need to set the Speakers option to Audio system. Press the HOME button on your remote and then choose Settings. Choose SoundSpeakersAudio system. Try performing a factory reset on your Android TV.
  • Power on the Android TV and wait until it initializes. Tap the Home button on your remote and choose Settings. If the remote does display the Home screen after tapping Home, perform these steps. Tap HelpHelp GuideSettingsConfiguring the TVTVSettings.
  • Choose Storage & resetFactory data resetErase everythingkey in the details requested on the screenchoose Yes.
  • Navigate to the Google Play Store app on your Android TV and go to the Apps menu. Choose Updates/My AppsUpdate AllUpdate.

Sony BDP S390 Netflix Problems

If you can stream content from Hulu, Pandora, and the internet, you can follow these steps to begin streaming content from Netflix.

  • Check the internet speed on the A/V receiver on which you are streaming Netflix. Since you can access the internet on that device, go to the speed test website and find out the download speed. If it is below 2.5MBPS, SD content cannot be streamed, and if the download speed is below 10MBPS, you cannot stream content in HD.
  • Consider upgrading the firmware on your Sony TV by visiting the manufacturer’s official Support site, typing the model name, and downloading it from the page. You can then follow the guidelines on the page to upgrade the Sony TV’s firmware.
  • Factory reset the Sony TV by following these steps. Tap the Home button on your Sony TV remote and select the briefcase icon to open settings. Choose ResetReset to Factory Default Settings. Then, configure the Sony TV again and check whether the issue has been resolved.


  • Check if the process timed out occurs only while using Netflix. Open any other app and verify the same.
  • If you have issues only with Netflix, then contact the manufacturer or the visit the forums to know if there are any issues from their side. Examine if the Internet speed is correct for the videos you are playing. A Standard Definition video should be provided with at least 2.5Mbps speed, and a High Definition video needs 10Mbps.
  • Perform a power cycle on the modem and router. Disconnect them from the power supply and connect it again after a few seconds.
  • Set the Primary DNS to and the Secondary DNS to by navigating the Network Menu. Reset the Sony TV if the issue persists. Talk to the technical team for further queries.


  • First, you have to force close the Netflix and other apps on your TV.
  • To do so, select the Applications option from the Settings menu.
  • Choose the Manage Applications option followed by the Downloaded option.
  • Select the application that you wish to force close and tap the Force Stop option.
  • Press OK to confirm the process and close all the apps using the same procedure.
  • Reboot the TV using the following guidelines. Make use of the Power button on the remote to reset the TV.
  • Press the Power button in the Sony TV remote and hold it for a few seconds.
  • The Power Off option will be displayed on the screen. Select it and wait till the TV powers off.
  • Wait for the TV to turn on. If it down not, then tap the Power button to turn it on. Unplug the Sony BDP S590 TV from the wall power supply and wait for a few minutes.
  • Connect the TV to the power outlet and check if the issue has been rectified.