What is Roku Vudu Error Code 28?

The Roku Vudu Error Code 28 occurs in the Vudu service when there is a block in the network connection. It can also happen due to misconfigured system files that can cause registry issues in your operating system. The registry error occurs when new apps are launched without uninstalling the old ones properly. It can cause system crashes, slow performance, program lock-ups, and more on your personal computer. The errors can also arise from unwanted software such as spyware, adware, viruses, and malware.

How to Solve Error Code 28 Vudu Roku?

  • Solution 1: Go to the Network Settings window on your device and modify the DNS option to
  • In some instances, the Internet Service Provider of the DNS service can have issues with some websites or devices.
  • Solution 2: Try deleting the channel, read it, and check whether the error code is resolved.
  • Solution 3: Try power cycling your network device and Roku.
  • To power cycle, the Roku device, locate and tap the Home button on the Roku remote for about two times.
  • Press the Up arrow key once and the Rewind button twice.
  • Now, tap the Fast Forward button for approximately two times.
  • Now the model of your Roku device will power Off, and after a few seconds, the reboot process will complete.
  • After restarting the Roku device, wait until it gets paired with the remote.
  • Once the network and the device are rebooted, verify whether the roku vudu error code 28 has cleared.