What is Roku Error Code RLP 1999?

The RLP error code 1999 gets displayed on the screen of the Spectrum TV app. The error code RLP 1999 occurs when there is a connection issue, and the communication is lost between the Roku device and the Spectrum TV app. Use the instructions that are provided in the following section for clearing the error code RLP 1999 easily and quickly.

Solve spectrum tv app on Roku Error Code RLP 1999

  • First, try using another application on your Roku device.
  • If the app is functioning correctly, then there is some issue with the Spectrum TV.
  • Check for any connection issues and troubleshoot the same by carrying out the instructions that are given below.
  • Make sure that the correct name of your network is provided on your Roku device.
  • The network connectivity might fail if you have selected the wrong Service Set Identifier.
  • Confirm whether you have provided the password of your wireless network accurate. Try reentering the network key again.
  • Check if your router is functioning correctly by navigating to any web page from your computer, mobile phone, or laptop.
  • If the Internet connectivity is poor or disabled, try power cycling your network router or wireless access point.
  • Make sure that you keep the Roku device near to the wireless router so that it receives enough signal strength.
  • Restart the router and the Roku device.
  • First, switch to the Settings tab on your Roku device and select the System option, and then choose the System Restart option.
  • You can also detach the Roku device from the power supply unit.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then reestablish the Roku Error Code RLP 1999 connection.