What is Roku Error Code 009?

The Roku error code 009 indicates that your Roku device is connected to the router but the internet. In short, your Roku device is unable to connect with your internet connection. To fix this, follow the instructions given below.

How to Solve Roku error code 009?

Authenticating the channel will also help you to fix Roku Error Code 009.

  • Switch off your Roku device. Make sure to disconnect the power cable from it.
  • Wait for the lights on the Roku device to go off.
  • Once the lights go off, turn off your wireless router.
  • Now, remove the data cable from the wireless router.
  • Wait for one minute before you reconnect the power cable.
  • First, turn on your wireless router.
  • Wait for 60 seconds again for the router to reboot up.
  • Check and make sure that your wireless router is working properly.
  • Once the internet connection is established successfully, turn on your Roku device.
  • Now, try to connect the Roku device to the wireless network.
  • Perform the activation process as before.
  • After the activation process, check if the issue continues.
  • If the Roku Error Code 009 issue is resolved, then continue using your router as per your need.