Programming the Amazon Firestick is very simple if you follow the How to Program Amazon Fire Stick instructions that are provided on this page. Once the setup is finished, you can use the Firestick to play videos from Amazon. Subscription to Amazon Prime can be availed by yourself, to watch all the movies or shows that are available on Amazon, and it is budget-friendly too.

  • COMPATIBLE TV: Verify whether your TV has an HDMI port to connect the firestick. An HDTV port will also work with the Amazon Firestick.
  • INTERNET CONNECTION: Firestick does not come with internet connection by default.You have to provide Internet access to it. So, set up your Wi-Fi connection before initiating the setup process.
  • AMAZON ACCOUNT: The next main requirement is that you should have an account with Amazon to log in after the setup process.After checking if the above-specified essentials are available with you, proceed with the Amazon Fire Stick Programming procedure.
  • Connect your Firestick device to the power supply with the help of a power adapter and a USB cable.
  • The firestick should be now attached to the HDMI port present on your TV.
  • Switch on the TV with the help of the Power button available on your remote. Select the correct input channel.
  • A screen with the logo of the firestick will appear.
  • Next, insert the batteries in the firestick remote, and it will pair to the TV automatically.
  • If it fails to pair, then press the Home button and hold it for 10 seconds to pair them.
  • Tap the Play/Pause button to initiate the setup process.
  • Choose the language of your choice and tap the select/OK button.
  • The initial setup process is now complete.


Learn how to set up an Amazon Fire TV Stick 2017 using the how to Program Amazon Fire Stick guidelines provided by the technical team. Make sure you have the batteries before proceeding to set up the remote.

  • The first step is to attach the USB cable to the Power adapter that has come in the box with the firestick.
  • The other end of the USB cable should be connected to the port present on the firestick.
  • Next, insert the fire TV Stick into the HDMI port of the Smart TV.
  • The Home button available on the remote should be pressed.
  • Tap the Play/Pause button that is present on the Amazon Firestick remote.
  • The proceeding step is to select the language of your wish. All the information and options will be provided in the language you have chosen.
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick should be associated with the Wi-Fi network.
  • Select any one of the networks from the list that displays on the next screen.
  • The next step of the procedure is to enter the password of the selected network.
  • Choose the Register option if you already have an account with Amazon. Else, tap the Create an Account option and follow the prompts carefully to set up an account.
  • If you press the Register option, then enter the login ID and password of your Amazon account.
  • Save your password and start watching videos.


Amazon Fire TV stick comes with a remote which requires pairing with the Smart TV. The pairing process is simple if you read and follow the procedure stated below for How to Program Amazon Fire Stick.

  • The remote that is provided with your Amazon Firestick can be paired during the initial setup itself.
  • Once you make the necessary connections between your TV and the Firestick, you can pair the remote.
  • After the initial association has been made, take out the two batteries available in the Amazon Fire TV stick box.
  • Unwrap the batteries from the package and open the back panel of the remote.
  • Insert the batteries in the respective slots. There are two sides to the battery namely the positive and the negative.
  • They are opposite charges and should face each other by their opposite ends.
  • Once you insert the batteries, the pairing should be done automatically. If not, then tap the Home button available on your remote and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • The remote pairs with the Smart TV now.
  • To check if your remote has been connected, you can carry out the following Amazon Fire Stick Programming procedure.
  • Take your remote and check if the Voice button blinks quickly. If yes, then it is in the Discovery mode. It is searching for devices to connect.
  • When the three blue light flashes on the remote, then it means that your TV and remote has finished the pairing process.

How to Program Amazon Fire Stick Replacement Remote?

Replacement remotes can be very useful if you lose the original remote that has been paired already. So, get to know how to connect another remote to the TV.

  • If you want to pair an additional remote, then you can make use of the how to Program Amazon Fire Stick guidelines given below.
  • Navigate to the Settings option from the home screen of the Fire TV.
  • Tap the Controllers and Bluetooth devices to open it.
  • Select the Amazon Fire TV Remote option and then choose the Add New Remote option.
  • Now, press the Home button on your Fire TV stick remote and do not release it for at least 10 seconds.
  • Once you release it, your Fire TV stick remote attains the Discovery mode.
  • This mode is set when the remote is searching for the Firestick to connect.
  • After the search is complete, the list of results is displayed on the next screen.
  • Make use of the remote that has been paired already to select the replacement remote from the list.
  • Your new replacement remote will now be paired to the TV to which you have plugged in the Firestick.


There are many streaming services available that you can download and install on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. You need to take steps before you install them. Install a VPN that suits your streaming applications to bypass online surveillance.


  • The steps below explain the procedure for How to Program Amazon Fire Stick of adding more stream.
  • Launch the Home Screen of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Navigate to the Settings option at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll towards the right of the screen to locate the My Fire TV icon and click on it.
  • A list of option appears from which you need to select the Developer Options.
  • Enable the Apps From Unknown Sources option to allow third-party access on your Fire Stick.
  • Select the Turn On option on the warning message that appears on the next screen.
  • Make sure you download only the safest apps for streaming.
  • Get back to the Home Screen and locate the Search icon on top left.
  • Type Downloader in the search bar and select the corresponding link from the search results.
  • The on-screen instructions will guide you install the Downloader app on your Fire TV.
  • Launch the Downloader application and head to the URL field.
  • Enter the link of the Streaming Service that you want to download on the URL bar using the onscreen keyboard and select the GO button.
  • Wait until the download is complete.
  • The device will automatically begin the installation process, and you need to go with the on-screen Amazon Fire Stick Programming prompts to complete the process. Now the process of How to Program Amazon Fire Stick of adding more stream is completed.

Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting

Amazon Fire Stick faces some minor issues that can easily be solved. Problem with the firestick app, audio troubles, content purchase, issues in using the remote, and many more can be resolved by taking a few additional how to Program Amazon Fire Stick steps. Resetting or Restarting your device will solve most of the issues.


Your Amazon Fire TV Remote may not respond if the batteries deplete when the remote isn’t paired with your device or in case of any damages occurred in the instrument.


  • Change the batteries if the life of the older one has depleted.
  • Check if you have paired the remote with your TV, else press and hold the Home button for a few seconds.
  • Disconnect any one device if you have connected your Fire Stick to all the seven blue-tooth devices and then pair the remote.
  • Make sure you use a remote that is compatible with your Fire TV if you are using the one that did not accompany during the purchase of the Fire TV.
  • Inspect the remote and replace with a new one if you detect any damages on it.
  • Use the Amazon Fire TV Remote App from your Android or iPhone to control the device.
  • Make sure you operate the Fire TV using the remote in a suitable range.
  • Check if there is an object that interrupts the remote and the Fire TV.


Kodi may face buffering issues due to the slow internet connection, server issues from the site that provides video streams, troubles with Kodi add-ons, using an outdated version of Kodi and many more.


You need to follow different Amazon Fire Stick Programming troubleshooting steps to solve the root cause of the problem. Try the steps mentioned below to fix Kodi.

  • Check if any internet connectivity issues persist. Make sure the network signals are active and strong.
  • Go for an internet speed test to check if the present bandwidth is good enough.
  • Make sure you use a VPN to resolve the ISP throttling issue.
  • Try streaming lower quality videos.
  • Re-install the application if required.
  • To get to know the exact issue, scan the errors using the Setup Wizard.
  • Cross check with other addons if you can stream it.
  • Look for any viruses or malwares present on the application that uses your bandwidth and found if any, remove them.

Why Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick Not Working?

When the Cache or Memory of the Fire Stick is full, then there may be issues in running Kodi on your device. An outdated downloader app, Hardware Acceleration, and non-working repositories may also create problems in running the Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick.

Go with the below when a blank screen appears on the launch Of Kodi.

  • This issue occurs when the Cache is full of running Kodi. You can solve the trouble by following the steps below.
  • Select the Settings option on the screen via remote.
  • Scroll to the Applications icon and select it.
  • Click on the Managed Installed Applications and choose the Kodi app.
  • Select the Force Stop option and click on the Clear Cache button.
  • Get back to the Home Screen and launch the Kodi app.

The how to Program Amazon Fire Stick steps to disable the Hardware Acceleration are as follows.

  • Launch the Kodi application and the Home Screen appears.
  • Search for the Gear icon on the screen and click on it, which will lead to the Settings menu.
  • Select the Player Settings option and the related options displays on the screen.
  • Locate the Gear icon with the word Basic next to it on the screen and click on it, until the word Basic turns to Expert.
  • Select the Video tab and move to the bottom right of the list to disable the Allow Hardware Acceleration option.
  • Restart the Kodi application and check if it works. We hope that you got a complete steps for How to Program Amazon Fire Stick.