How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote?

Using Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote feature your device gets automatically paired when you insert the batteries in them. You can pair up to seven remotes to your device if you haven’t connected any other Bluetooth device with the help of How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote steps.


  • Pairing the remote with your Fire Stick is essential to control the device.
  • Switch on your Fire TV Stick before you start to Pair Firestick Remote.
  • Insert the batteries into the Remote and press the power button.
  • The remote will work if it is automatically paired with your device.
  • If you cannot access the remote, then locate the Home button and press it for a few seconds.
  • Make sure you perform the pairing process in the Home screen.
  • Wait until the pairing process is complete as it may take few seconds for pairing.
  • A prompt appears indicating the completion of the pairing process at the bottom of the screen.
  • If the prompts did not appear even after 20 seconds, then repeat the process.
  • Keep performing the same process until the remote gets paired with the device.
  • This procedure applies to the original remote that comes with your device.
  • Other additional remotes require a different process for How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote.


The Fire Stick remote with the Alexa feature can be easily paired with your device to manage and control the options and settings on your device. Go through the procedure below to pair the Alexa remote with your Fire Stick.


Amazon Fire TV Stick permits seven Pair Firestick Remote’s. This is possible only if no other Bluetooth devices are connected to it. The second remote you use has to suit your Fire TV, only then pairing can be done.

How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote with Alexa?

  • Remove the cover that encompasses your Alexa remote.
  • Open the back case of the instrument and insert the batteries that accompany your device.
  • Switch on the Fire TV and press any of the buttons to check if the remote is paired automatically.
  • If the remote is not working, then press the Home button on the device and hold it for seconds.
  • The Fire TV Stick will take some time to detect the Alexa remote.
  • The light that is next to the Voice button will blink in the amber color in a discovery mode.
  • Wait until you see three blue flashes on the remote. This indicates a successful pairing.
  • If the light on the remote blinks amber slowly, then the device is not paired.
  • Repeat the process until you pair the device successfully.
  • At times, the light glows red. This indicates a low charge in the battery.
  • Replace the battery with another pair and repeat the process.
  • You can also pair the Alexa voice remote with the echo devices via the screen.
  • Navigate to the Settings segment on the screen.
  • Scroll the screen to locate the Devices option and select it.
  • Choose the Pair Amazon Echo Remote option from the menu and go with the on-screen prompts.


  • The below steps will elaborate on the procedure for How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote additionaly with your Fire TV.
  • Launch the Home Screen of your Fire TV via the older remote or the Fire Stick Remote app.
  • The home screen opens with numerous icons and options in it.
  • Go to the top of the screen to locate the Fire TV menu.
  • Look for the Settings option from the menu and click on it.
  • A list of settings appear. You can use this to modify your amazon fire stick accordingly.
  • Search for the Controllers and Bluetooth Devices option from the menu and select it.
  • Locate the Amazon Fire TV Remotes option and click on it.
  • Select the Add New Remote option.
  • Now, take the second remote and press the Home button for a few seconds. Wait until the Fire TV detects the wireless signal of the remote.
  • Now make a selection in the search result to pair the second remote via the already paired controller/remote.
  • Check if the additional remote that you paired works, by pressing any of the buttons.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Pairing to Your Remote App?

The Amazon Fire Stick Remote app can be downloaded in the Play Store or the Apple Store. There are added advantages in your remote app rather than using the conventional remote. The Alexa voice button and the virtual keyboard are extra benefits on the remote app.

How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement?

The replacement remote can be easily paired with your Fire Stick. Make sure that you have an old working remote to configure the replaced one. You can also use the Remote app on your mobile devices as a replacement for your old remote and to configure the new one.


  • The procedure for How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote App is as follows.
  • Connect your mobile phone to the network that your Fire TV uses.
  • Visit the Apple Store or the Play Store on your mobile device. This helps you access your Fire TV.
  • Search for the remote app in the store and download it.
  • The downloaded app will appear as an icon in the home screen of your device.
  • Launch the application on the mobile and select your Fire Stick.
  • The screen displays a prompt asking you to enter the four-digit code that has been sent to your mobile phone.
  • The app and the device gets paired on entering the correct code.


  • Follow below steps for How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement, so that you can pair the Amazon Fire Stick replacement remote.
  • Take the original remote that you have already paired with the device and launch the Home Screen.
  • Find the Settings link from the Fire TV menu and make a selection to configure the remote settings.
  • Select the Controllers and Bluetooth devices option from the settings menu.
  • Choose the Add New Remote option from the Amazon Fire TV Remote settings.
  • Locate the Source button on the new remote and press it.
  • Hold the button until the Fire TV device identifies the remote’s signal and gets paired with it.
  • Now select the replacement remote from the list displayed on the screen and start using it.


Rebooting an Amazon Fire TV is very easy if you follow the steps given on this page. After you reboot the TV, the errors will be rectified. If the steps do not help, you can service your Fire TV at the nearest service center.

  • If rebooting does not help, you can also reset your TV.
  • Navigate to the Settings option on your Amazon Fire TV and select Device.
  • Select the Reboot option in the next screen that appears.
  • Select the Restart option in the confirmation screen and wait till the rebooting process is over.
  • You can also reset the device by navigating to the Settings option.
  • Tap the My Fire TV option and then choose Reset to Factory Defaults option.
  • In the confirmation screen, choose the Reset button.
  • The Resetting your Fire TV Stick message will be displayed in the succeeding screen.
  • Once the reset process is over, you have to log into your Amazon account.


Restarting the Amazon Fire TV stick is a very easy process if you follow the instructions that are specified here. Restarting your TV will sort out any error that has occurred on your TV.

  • If the Amazon Fire TV faces any issue, you can reset it using the steps that are mentioned below.
  • Resetting the TV will erase all the data in it, and you have to install the applications again.
  • To perform a reset, navigate to the Settings option present on the TV’s home screen.
  • Tap the My Fire TV option that is displayed in the next screen.
  • Select the Reset to Factory Defaults option to reset your TV if you want to Pair Firestick Remote.
  • Press the Reset option in the confirmation screen that appears next.
  • The next screen will display a message saying Resetting your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to Factory Defaults.
  • After the resetting process is over, you have to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network and go through with the How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote steps.


It can be annoying if your Amazon Fire Stick keeps Restarting. You will not be able to watch any shows or movies properly. If you think of finding ways to resolve the issue, then we have it. Various solutions are provided to resolve the restart issue.

  • Try out the following solutions if keeps restarting, this can help solve the issue.
  • The initial solution is to check the power supply of the Amazon Fire TV. Ensure that proper source is being for the power supply.
  • Do not make use of any extension cords to associate the TV with the wall power supply.
  • The succeeding step is to check if the HDMI extender is faulty. This error can occur if it is not working properly.
  • Replace the extender to check if the restarting problem is due to the existing extender. If after changing, this problem does not occur, then the fault is with your extender.
  • Try changing the plug socket of your Amazon device. The plug socket that is provided by Amazon at the time of purchase supplies only 1 Ampere current whereas the other socket provides 2 Amperes. So replace it.
  • Your Amazon Remote can also be a problem. Change the battery of the remote.
  • Unpair the remote from the TV and pair it again after a few seconds.
  • Else, use Amazon’s official Remote app to control the TV. Download and install the Remote app on your mobile phone and perform any function you want on the TV.


Your Fire stick might reboot due to some issues that have occurred with it. To rectify this issue, you can make use of the troubleshooting mechanisms that are given here. This might help solve the issues at your home itself.

  • The first solution is to remove the batteries from the remote and clean the metal connectors present there.
  • Reinsert the batteries again to check if the issue is still.
  • Change the USB cable that you are using. Sometimes the USB cable can be the problem.
  • Press the Home button present on your remote for 20 seconds to pair it successfully with the TV.
  • Check if any buttons have been locked or pressed down. If it is the case, you should release it to resolve the error.
  • Unplug your Fire TV stick from the TV. Press the Menu button, left navigation button, and the Back button simultaneously to reset the remote before following Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote instructions.
  • Verify if any updates have been released for your Fire TV Stick. If so, then upgrade it to the latest version.
  • If the above-given ideas fail, you can reset the TV. Check if the issue has been resolved.
  • In the case the issue is still not rectified, you have to take it to the service center to check if there is any hardware problem. we hope that you got a complete steps for How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote.