What Is Error Code 01450 Roku?

The Error Code 01450 Roku indicates that the device is unable to connect to your wireless network. But at the same time, you can stream some Roku channels that do not require any network connection. You can fix the issue corresponding to the 01450 error code manually.

Solve Roku Error Code 01450

To clear the Roku error code 01450, perform the instructions given below.

  • You can fix this problem in two different ways. One is by re-initializing network configuration, and the second method is by power cycling your devices.
  • To perform the Re-initializing Network Configuration method, follow the instructions given below.
  • Switch on your Roku TV and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select the System option followed by Advanced System Settings.
  • Highlight the Network Connection Reset option in the Advanced System Settings section and tap the OK button.
  • Enter your Roku device code in the given field when prompted.
  • Wait for the network configuration process to begin and perform the on-screen instructions.
  • After the configuration process, restart your Roku device to clear Error Code 01450 Roku.
  • Connect the Roku device to your wireless network when prompted.
  • Select Wireless or Wired and follow the on-screen process.
  • Tap the OK button after entering all the required information.
  • Wait for the Roku device to connect to your wireless network.
  • If the Roku device fails to connect to your wireless network, then perform the Power Cycling Devices method to fix the connectivity issue.
  • Turn on your Roku device and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Remove the power cable from the Roku TV.
  • Turn off your Wireless router and unplug it from the electrical socket.
  • Now, press & hold the power button on your wireless router and the Roku TV for two minutes.
  • Make sure to perform the above process only when the Roku TV and the router are unplugged from the electrical outlet.
  • After a while, reconnect the power cable to the Roku TV and the wireless router.
  • Now, Error Code 01450 Roku will be cleared. Check if the Roku TV is able to connect to your network.