Apple TV Not Connecting to Network

If you get a ‘There was a problem connecting to your network’ error on your Apple TV, follow these guidelines to fix Apple TV Not Connecting to Network Issue. Navigate to the AirPort Utility and check whether Enable Access Control has been selected for the AirPort Express devices. Go to the Enable Access Control option and see whether there are any unknown devices with ‘No Access.’ If so, turn off the ‘Enable Access Control’ option to connect Apple TV to the network.

Apple TV problem connecting to network 1004

  • Refer to these guidelines to fix the error code 1004 on your Apple TV when you try connecting it to a network.
  • Look for software updates for iTunes. If there is an update, install it.
  • Then, check your firewall software to find out if ‘’ has permission to connect to a network. You can create an outbound rule exception for this program to fix the connection issue.
  • Look at the iTunes hosts file to check whether there is an entry which is redirecting Revert it to the default configuration to fix the Apple TV connection problem.
  • If these Apple TV Not Connecting to Network 1004 issues persist even after connecting the Apple TV to another computer which is connected to a network, you will need to contact Apple technical support.


  • The first step is to check if the Apple TV is of version 5.2.1 or later. If not, you have to upgrade your Apple TV.
  • Check if there is any Wi-Fi interference. If there is any object in front of the router, then clear it to obtain a strong signal.
  • Place the Apple TV 3 device near the router to avoid such problems.
  • Delete the Wi-Fi network you are using now and add it again to the TV.
  • Check if there are any issues from your ISP’s side. If so, request them to rectify it.


Apple TV there was a Problem Connecting to the Network 3902?

  • When you see the Apple TV network error code 3902, you can follow these guidelines to fix Apple TV Not Connecting to Network.
  • Go to the router to which the Apple TV has been connected and check whether there is a stable internet connection. Connect another device to the router and see if you can access the internet through the router’s internet connection. Remove radio interference sources which are kept between the router and the Apple TV.
  • Navigate to the Apple TV’s Settings application and go to Network–Wi-Fi–Forget Network. After a while, try connecting the Apple TV to the Wi-Fi SSID, and check whether the streaming service works.
  • Change the Wi-Fi protection setting from WEP to WPA 2 or WPA. To do this, go to the computer’s web browser and type the router’s IP address in the address bar. Press Enter. Log into your home/work router by entering the appropriate credentials. When the router dashboard opens, go to the Wireless Setup & Security option and select either WPA 2 or WPA. Enter the network key which has to be entered on the device connecting to the Wi-Fi SSID.
  • Consider adding your Apple TV’s Mac address to the Wi-Fi router’s Access Control List in the appropriate option located in the router’s dashboard. You can get the Mac address of your Apple TV by going to the Settings application GeneralAbout.
  • A system restart resolves network issues in some cases. So, go to the Settings application on your Apple TV and navigate to System. Choose the Restart option. If these quick solutions did not resolve your Apple TV Not Connecting to Network 3902 issue, contact Apple’s tech support team.


  • Check if your Wireless network is working. Clear any interference and then try reconnecting your device to the network.
  • The next step is to restart your Apple TV and router. Go to General Settings and select the Restart option.
  • Next, update the Apple TV and router.


  • Switch on the Apple TV and navigate to the Settings option.
  • Choose the Update Software option.


  • Sign into the web management page.
  • Go to the Updates screen and download the updates that are available.
  • Install the updates using the prompts displayed on your screen.
  • Check the Security Settings of your router by navigating to the Settings option. Choose the General option and then select the About option.
  • The MAC address displays on the next screen that opens.
  • Add the MAC address to the router’s list and then change the security mode to WPA or WPA2. Else, disable the security mechanism on your router for a few minutes and then enable it.
  • Make use of an Ethernet cable to associate the Apple TV and the router.
  • Now we hope that Apple TV Not Connecting to Network Issue solved.